A Ludlow Story – Tom and Daphne Nash

Daphne and I would like to thank you personally for assisting and guiding us over the past years to prepare us for my retirement.

We set out by discussing together our objectives for the future and our current savings held in various accounts. Your advice to consolidate these and assistance with the changing circumstances that we were facing at the time, regarding the protection of our investments for the future, as well as ensuring that we had the right pension fund was invaluable.

You took your time in guiding us through the various options available. We discussed objectives and goals possible at retirement age, savings for our grandchildren, minimising risks, and with your expertise and knowledge of the markets, you advised us, and showed us the best course of action to take at this stage in our lives.

We chose Ludlow to assist us in these matters, as I had background knowledge of them in this field, and was delighted to be introduced to you to take on our account details, and for you to guide us through the complexities of investments and pension funds to maximise our investments.

We cannot thank you enough and look forward to working with you, as I now start my retirement with confidence – knowing that you are there to assist us in the future.

A Ludlow Story – David Brown

My relationship with Ludlow began in 2008, throughout this time I have been looked after by Jon Whitmarsh.

My work as a leadership consultant had taken me all over the world and since 2008 my business has grown and I have constantly worked.

During my meetings with Jon I talked about my business and personal goals. My ambition was to be able to work fewer days but have income sufficient to meet my outgoings, whilst still enjoying, and maintaining my lifestyle. I was also keen to ensure enough income in retirement in order to continue that lifestyle.

Jon has helped me to create a clear plan and strategy, to grow my portfolio, he understands my risk profile, and that minimising tax is a priority. Working with Jon has given me peace of mind and I believe, through this plan I will be able to achieve my personal and financial goals.

At our review meetings, we look at the portfolio performance, any changes in circumstances and any thoughts on the strategy and plan. Through this, I always feel in control of the decisions, safe in the knowledge and guidance of Jon. Recently as a result of a new lifestyle choice, a change in investment strategy was required and this, because of Ludlow, was an easy, worry free process.

Jon documents everything so it is always easy to look back at the decisions made and the reasons for them.

I have an unquestionable trust in Jon and the team at Ludlow because of their credibility, reliability and because they are always by my side, and are always readily available. So much so, I would consider Jon not only a trusted advisor but a friend.

A Ludlow Story – John Rogerson

My first involvement with Ludlow was through my legal representatives DRN Law, Burnley who had created a partnership with Ludlow to provide Financial Services on behalf of their clients. My father had died in 2010 and I was anxious to make the most of his bequests to myself, my daughter and my grandchildren. I was particularly worried about creating a trust for the grandchildren as there seemed to be little or no ready advice and guidance out there in the real world.
My first meeting with Ludlow was with Steven Bayes at DRN’s offices in Burnley and I think we very quickly struck up a workable relationship. We concentrated firstly on the £100,000 trust legacy for the children and Steve eventually recommended an offshore investment bond; this being a self -maintaining investment fund via multi-manager portfolios. This would be a non-income producing vehicle for HMRC purposes and would roll on until each child reached the age of 25 years.

This was subsequently set up and has so far produced a very satisfactory situation where we are now seeing a yield of 50% on the initial investment as at the end of 2016.

Early in 2013, we turned our attention to the investments I had made on behalf of myself and my wife resulting from my father’s legacy. After several discussions with Steve during which his objectives were to understand more about our objectives and goals and our attitude to the risk involved in investing our money. These sessions enabled him to recommend a strategy which would be more cost effective to us in terms of fund management charges and so I was happy to agree that we transfer the servicing of our portfolio to DRN/Ludlow and to switch our fund of funds investments to a better manager of managers fund. I also agreed to transfer other of our stocks and shares ISAs onto the new platform in order to realise further benefits from reduced platform charges.

Throughout all these discussions tax efficiency was a priority and as we currently stand all of our long-term investments are residing under an ISA umbrella and I am very happy with the performance of my chosen funds as I am more than happy with the advice and guidance given by DRN/Ludlow.

Steve and I meet formally at least twice a year to monitor performance of both the trust and our personal portfolios and discuss any changes in circumstances and investment strategy. Such meetings are held at a venue convenient to me and are fully minuted and made available to me. Long may it continue.

A Ludlow Story – David Brown

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