Around the world for Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

Ludlow has raised £8,000 in its globetrotting campaign, ‘Around the World for Alder Hey.’

The firm pledged to donate £200 every time one of its clients sent in a photograph or postcard from a different country around the world.

Sarah Robinson, a senior consultant, explained the inspiration behind their unique fundraiser: “Ian Hemingway, our managing director, had realised that by asking clients submit photos or postcards we can demonstrate how we help our clients life their life while raising money for such a remarkable hospital.”

The company has traditionally supported a range of charities, but this year has chosen to focus its fundraising efforts solely on Alder Hey because the children of five of the Ludlow team have personally benefited from the hospital.

In fact Sarah is still a regular visitor at Alder Hey with her son who has had several operations at the hospital and has another operation booked for later this year.

Sid Ludlow, chief executive of Ludlow said; “The response from our clients so far has been fantastic. We’ve received photos from the Falklands, Vietnam, America, Thailand, Canada and Antarctica to name just a few. The campaign has exceeded our expectations and we’re looking forward to reaching our target and beyond.”

Ludlow had originally set a target of £10,000 in this year-long campaign and has confirmed it will donate more if this target is exceeded. Only a few months into the campaign, and having already raised 80 per cent of its target, it is very likely that it will reach their target much sooner than expected.

Louise Barrett, head of corporate and major giving for Alder Hey Children’s Charity said:

“We are incredibly excited about our partnership with Ludlow Wealth Management Ltd and this creative campaign. We expected it to take a year to raise the target of £10K, not a few months. A huge thank you to everyone at Ludlow and all its Clients who are supporting Alder Hey from various places around the world”.

As a world leader in healthcare and research, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital is building something amazing, a brand new Hospital, Alder Hey in the Park, with a design inspired by children. A hospital built entirely in a park is something new in the treatment and care of children. It’s not just a first for the UK, there’s nothing like it anywhere in Europe.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a difference to the lives of children across the UK both now and in the future. A number of opportunities have been identified where charitable funding can make a demonstrable difference to the hospital by enhancing the design and providing additional innovative services which are both clinical and patient focused.

A £30 million appeal was recently launched to raise funds for life-saving medical equipment, arts and play activities and for vital research.

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