Around the world for Alder Hey

Ludlow is aiming to raise £10,000 for charity this year with a globe-trotting campaign.

Ludlow is looking to raise the money through its ‘Around the world for Alder Hey’ campaign.

The firm is asking its clients to send in a postcard, or post online a snap of themselves when they are on a foreign holiday.

Each time a client sends in a picture or a postcard to the wealth management group from a different country, the firm will donate £200.

The firm hopes that clients will visit as many as 50 unique countries over the year, helping to raise £10,000 in total. If this number of countries is exceeded, the firm will increase its donation.

Ian Hemingway, Ludlow’s managing director said: “Alder Hey is a fantastic institution and one which many of our staff have strong ties to.

“From speaking to our staff, we know that the children of five of our team have benefited personally – and in some cases are still doing so – from this remarkable hospital.

“Our ethos as a business is to help our clients live their life and by working with them, we help them make the right choices enabling them to achieve financial peace of mind. This leads our clients to do the ‘nice’ things in life – aspirational activities such as going on a once in a lifetime holiday. We wanted to combine this with an activity that would help generate funds for a worthy cause.

“By sending selfies or postcards to us that we can then share on our website, we’ll donate funds to Alder Hey.

“We’ll be encouraging clients to send in their postcards or selfies, so we can reach our £10,000 target.”

Louise Barrett, of Alder Hey Children’s Charity, added: “We are delighted to have the support of the team at Ludlow from offices across the North West, their pledge to raise £10K is fantastic and will go directly to support much needed funds for life-saving medical equipment, arts and play activities and for vital research. We very much look forward to working with the team throughout the year.”

To view our campaign, and funds raised to date visit:

More information can also be found out about Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and the care it provides by visiting

The image above is an artist’s impression of a redevelopment which will transform the hospital.

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