Chris Davey

I wish to summarise my thoughts on the relationship I have enjoyed with Ludlow over the previous few years.

Following my decision to access a lump sum from my pension scheme, I made enquiries to determine who to use for financial advice and to invest my “pot”.  Ludlow was personally recommended to me through a long-standing acquaintance and I met with you in the summer of 2014.  You established my appetite for risk using a very clear set of financial models then discussed options based on future plans/needs.  I am numerate but with no previous experience of investing so throughout this exercise, you ensured that I was very clear about any decisions made.  We agreed on an investment strategy and set up an account with Aviva in September 2014.

Each anniversary of the investment we meet to review progress and you always check that my risk appetite and planning assumptions have not materially altered.  At the most recent of these meetings, we discussed amendments in the investment strategy to take account of changes in the world of global finance.  This was, yet again, described with clarity – enabling me to make appropriate changes to the investment.  In addition, you have offered advice on the potential for me to increase my investment on more than one occasion.

Am I satisfied with your service and the performance of the investment? Suffice it to say that not only have I enjoyed nearly 3 years of outstanding personal service from Ludlow but that the investment has increased by around 20% since September 2014 (after all charges have been deducted).  This speaks volumes in my judgment.  To summarise, I would have no hesitation in recommending Ludlow to others in a similar position to me.