Ken Strolin

I have been using financial advisors for about 20 years both for business and personal matters. The first 10-12 years of this experience was very mixed, to say the least. Some of the advice was good, some not so good and some appalling. Also during this period, I seemed to get passed from one advisor to another without consultation or consideration.

Michael Bell-Smith, an advisor who I had been very pleased with, moved to Ludlow in 2009 and spoke very highly of the company. I did some extensive research and decided to appoint Ludlow as my Financial advisor in 2010. Having been with Ludlow since then, I have been rewarded with a level of service, commitment, integrity and courtesy which I had not encountered before. Every element of financial advice which I have received has been well considered and tailored exactly to the needs of myself and my family.

During this period, Ludlow has grown considerably but my contact with them and the service level they provide remains outstanding. I have never asked a question of them without a same day reply. For anyone in need of financial advice, large or small, I would strongly recommend they consider Ludlow. My thanks and congratulations to the whole team at Ludlow.