Les & Marie Pickles

We have been clients of David Hardman and Ludlow since August 2012. At those first few meetings, David took the time to get to know us and our family really well.

We established a good relationship and he quickly understood how important it was for us to be able to help our family, maintain our level of income and enjoy our lifestyle, in particular, our holidays. He also spent time understanding our attitude towards risk.

We then focused on each personal and financial goal, he built our plan using “the 6 box “ approach which meant we were able to visually see each goal and the time frame we are working towards.

A high priority for us was to mitigate tax, in particular, reducing inheritance and income tax.  David has helped to achieve this by working with both our Accountant and Solicitor and providing us with an appropriate tax strategy.

We review the plan every six months where we talk about any changes and review of the portfolio. We have been very happy with Ludlow and David has always delivered excellent results.

We highly recommend David and the Ludlow team.