Malcolm and Judith Thorpe, Lytham St. Annes

Both my wife and I wish to offer the recognition well and truly deserved to Oliver Brennand based in the Lytham branch of Ludlow. We were originally introduced to Oliver whilst he was working for a previous employer and had no hesitation whatsoever in seeking his exceptional services by following him to his new appointment with Ludlow.

The reason we felt we required the services of a Financial Advisor was that both myself and my wife were approaching retirement and had no idea whatsoever how to deal with the various complex decisions to be  made with regard to the financial implications of our retirements.

From Oliver’s initial visit to our home there was not only a feeling of warmth from him but also a feeling of safety and security and felt more than happy to rely upon him to provide the invaluable advice and assistance required. Unfortunately, we were totally ignorant as to which procedures were required and Oliver took complete control of our finances, dealt with the various institutions, obtained all relevant paperwork and secured our signatures to implement his superb advice. For several years now Oliver has protected our interests financially and we would not even like to think of a life now without his backing and advice. His skill and knowledge have enabled us to enjoy a good standard of living in our retirement for which we can only thank Oliver.

On a more personal note Oliver presents to myself and my wife as the human face of what is, to us, the very dry subject of finance. He has proven an incredibly capable and efficient advisor who keeps us well informed at every step and attends to any enquiries made without delay. For someone like myself and my wife who find the whole subject of finance most uninteresting and quite ignorant clients’ in the world of finance Oliver shows the patience of a Saint with us and explains all procedures, documentation etc. so clearly and professionally to us.

We cannot speak too highly of Oliver Brennand who is a real asset to Ludlow who should feel most fortunate to employ him in his role as a Senior Consultant and visits to Oliver’s offices for the half-yearly meetings are in no way boring or uninteresting and his sense of humour and great personality makes such meetings an enjoyable experience, which I would never have thought possible in the world of finance. To visit Oliver is like visiting a friend and both myself and my wife cannot speak too highly of him and have the utmost confidence in his advice and decisions.

In closing, our final comments are “a lovely and trustworthy friend and advisor”