Robert & Jane Hurst

We have been clients of David Hardman and Ludlow Wealth Management since February 2003. We were introduced by Rob’s parent’s who were already very satisfied clients of David and the company.

At that time when we first met we were running the family haulage business but lacked a plan around both our personal financial planning and what happens “if one of the directors or key individuals died or suffered a serious illness” This was a question we had asked ourselves many times but hadn’t done anything about because of the being so busy with the day to day running of the business.

At our first meeting David sat down with us and we embarked on a thorough review of the company strategy and our personal finances, he took the time to listen to our worries, concerns and we talked through our short, medium and long term goals for us, our family and the business. From this initial discussion, we started to understand what we needed to do to stay on track and achieve not only our goals and objectives but also the continued growth and success of the company.

David has worked very closely with our accountants and family solicitors which means everyone is clear on the big picture now. He is also working with the third generation of the family giving us peace of mind for the future.

David and the team at Ludlow are always happy to listen and help; they are professional and we feel they are our friends as well as our trusted advisers. We have always been very happy with advice we have been given and the results of the plan. We are always happy to recommend Ludlow.