Tom and Daphne Nash

Daphne and I would like to thank you personally for assisting and guiding us over the past years to prepare us for my retirement.

We set out by discussing together our objectives for the future and our current savings held in various accounts. Your advice to consolidate these and assistance with the changing circumstances that we were facing at the time, regarding the protection of our investments for the future, as well as ensuring that we had the right pension fund was invaluable.

You took your time in guiding us through the various options available. We discussed objectives and goals possible at retirement age, savings for our grandchildren, minimising risks, and with your expertise and knowledge of the markets, you advised us, and showed us the best course of action to take at this stage in our lives.

We chose Ludlow to assist us in these matters, as I had background knowledge of them in this field, and was delighted to be introduced to you to take on our account details, and for you to guide us through the complexities of investments and pension funds to maximise our investments.

We cannot thank you enough and look forward to working with you, as I now start my retirement with confidence – knowing that you are there to assist us in the future.