Healthcare for you

Private healthcare gives you choice, flexibility and speed of access to the most appropriate services. It helps to place you in control and offers the standards and peace of mind you would expect and we’ve been helping clients with private medical insurance for many years.

However, it is important that to regularly review your premiums as we can often secure cost savings.

If you would like to know more about this service, speak to our private medical consultant, Louise Campbell, to see how she can help you.


A client had a family policy and had made a number of claims over a period of a few years. The standard of care provided during each claim was valued by the family and despite the claims not being for substantial amounts or for anything that was medically significant, the monthly premiums had increased.

All the family were on the same policy so the claims of one member were affecting the premiums for the whole family because the low claims discount applied to the group rather than each individual.

Upon an initial review of the policy we were able to reduce the monthly premiums offered by the provider. After completing the full review we were able to switch the policy to a new provider, taking care of the process for the client, to ensure a further saving could be made. We were also able to negotiate on behalf of the client the removal of one exclusion with no reduction in benefits.

The client came away with a like-for-like plan but at a cost significantly less than their previous policy.

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