Self-employed finances

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The number of people running their own businesses has soared since the financial crisis, with a significant number being set up by someone aged over 50. But an unhealthy number of self-employed workers in the UK do not currently save into a pension.


Relationships breakdowns

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What is likely to be a divorcing couple’s most valuable asset? The family home will spring to most people’s minds first. But the value of a pension could well be the biggest single asset in the relationship.


Inheritance Tax concerns?

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You have worked hard to build your wealth. Passing it on to the next generation fairly, safely, effectively and efficiently takes skill and careful preparation. Seeking early professional financial advice and guidance about the options to mitigate your liability is a sensible move.



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The onwards march of ‘pretirement’ – where people scale back on work or slow their retirement plans down rather than giving up entirely – is continuing, with half (50%) of those retiring this year considering working past State Pension age.


Savings in Retirement

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For many, the idea of retirement means getting away from the stresses of everyday life. But with living costs rising and interest rates low, people need to think about how to generate extra income from their savings in retirement.


When I’m gone

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Although it may not feel like it, your family finances are probably more precarious than you think. It’s all well and good when the breadwinners are healthy and working, but if something unfortunate were to happen, the outlook for those around you could change instantly.


Generous grandparents – The bank that likes to say ‘yes’

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Forget the Lamborghini – 2.4 million UK grandparents have either raided their pension to support their grandchildren or plan to in the future. According to research from LV=, a quarter of generous grandparents (25%) who have already given away money to their grandchildren[2] have taken the funds from their pension. A further one in six (16%) plan to use their pension for this reason once they reach retirement age.