Ludlow celebrates 50 years of service

At its annual anniversaries lunch leading North West wealth management group Ludlow has congratulated four of its colleagues on their long service.

Associate director Steve Bayes, Administrators Suzanne Heaton and Nicky Mallet have all been with Ludlow for 10 years while Manager of Office Services, Jackie Sammin, has dedicated twenty years service to the firm.

CEO Sid Ludlow commented on the many changes that have taken place over the last twenty years. He said: “During that period staff numbers have grown from 5 to 45, turn over from £200,000 to £5million and today six of our staff were still at primary school when Jackie joined.

“We are a fantastic business made great by the efforts of our loyal and committed staff and I fully expect to host many more of these lunches as we continue to celebrate the long service of our people.

“I want to thank everyone on the team for making us the sort of business where colleagues feel they have a home and are able to plan, with confidence, for their long term careers with us.”

Founded in 1993, Ludlow manages more than £650 million of assets and delivers long term financial planning solutions for its clients. It has offices in Southport, Liverpool, Preston, Lytham and Blackburn and employs 45 people.

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