DRN Solicitors

DRN’s Partner Stephen Anderson, Solicitor James Young and Partner Helen Ingham.

A strong and established relationship.

Our relationship with Donald Race and Newton Solicitors began 18 years ago when Ludlow began looking after the personal affairs of one of the senior partners. It seemed natural for DRN to recommend us to their clients. In 2010 we created a joint venture, DRN Financial Management LLP, one of the first combinations of professional services of its kind in our local area. Read more …

David Lawson, Director. DRN Solicitors says:

Ludlow are trusted. They deliver exceptional service and quality advice and we have a strong and established relationship with them that ultimately led to our joint venture.
Working together has proved very beneficial to our clients and it is very obvious that Ludlow puts clients’ best interests at the centre of everything they do. They listen carefully to clients’ needs and deliver tailored plans to suit the individual. We look forward to the relationship continuing to go from strength to strength.