Simon completes marathon for Angkor Children’s Hospital

Senior Consultant, Simon Howard put his best foot forward recently and completed the Zurich Barcelona Marathon in aid of Angkor Children’s Hospital in Cambodia, raising over £1,000.00 for much needed resources.

Simon said: “I (just about) completed the marathon and it was a great experience and certainly something I will never forget. Safe to say I massively underestimated how difficult it would be, certainly not something you can just turn up to and casually complete but managed to drag myself round in 4:04 which I was really pleased with. I also had a great support team as my colleagues Kat, Emma, Amy, Terry & Nat came to cheer me on which was really nice to have.”

Simon also pointed to some key moments in the race. At mile 6, he was overtaken by a clown honking a horn, mile 10 he was passed by a man no younger than 60 running bare footed and at mile 15 he was overtaken by a man with one leg running on crutches, who Simon never saw again for the duration of the race!

He added: “I just want to say a big thank you for all the donations to Angkor Children’s hospital in Cambodia. Over £1,000 was raised, which was far more than I could ever have hoped for. I get the feeling that the Hospital really struggles to raise funding and that it’s not every day that they receive charity support. They’ve in contact with me over the last few months showing their appreciation, I even had an email from one of the directors there thanking me.”

The money raised by Simon will help a feed a malnourished child for a month and with some money left over it will go towards other much needed activities.

If you would like to support Angkor Children’s Hospital, you can donate via the website.

The following are examples of how your money can support the Hospital

  • £13 = Consultations for 3 children in our Outpatient Department (OPD)
  • £25 = Health education for 40 school students
  • £80 = Training materials for 2 nursing students
  • £200 = Daily care for a premature baby in the neonatal unit
  • £400 = weekly lectures for nursing staff for 1 year
  • £800 = Treatment for a malnourished child for 1 month
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