Southport soup kitchen receives £1,000 donation from Ludlow

Ludlow Wealth Management Group has donated £1,000 to help homeless and vulnerable people in Southport over the Christmas period.

The firm donated the sum to Southport Soup Kitchen after learning that a flood at the property caused irreversible damage to around £300 worth of Christmas hampers.

The flood was a result of the poor state of the kitchen’s roof, and repairs are expected to cost the charity a further £300.

Southport Soup Kitchen relies entirely on donations to fund the food and support it provides to Southport’s homeless community.

Sid Ludlow, chief executive of Ludlow, said: “Southport Soup Kitchen does fantastic work all year around but will come under additional strain during winter, and particularly at Christmas.

“After hearing about the damage caused by the floods and the effects this could potentially have on the service the kitchen provides we wanted to offer our support. Many people would be at a loss without the charity’s help. Not only does it provide food to those who need it but it also gives its users a sense of community which is invaluable, especially at this time of year.

“We hope that the money can be used to repair the roof and go some way towards providing much-needed food and supplies.”

Southport Soup Kitchen was established in 2003 and is staffed by volunteers, serving food to the homeless four times a week.

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