Brenda Worthington

Ludlow was recommended to my husband and I just after I retired three years ago.We had a lump sum to invest, and a level of pension to decide upon – but where to start?

We needn’t have worried! Ludlow’s representative, Simon took us through everything step-by-step. He got to know what sort of lifestyle we had, our commitments, and our future short, medium and long-term plans, discussing with us any contingency we needed to consider. He also took us through an exercise to determine what sort of risk-takers we were (discovering that my husband was a bit more cautious than me – no surprise)! He explained that it was to ensure that we were comfortable with the percentage of high or low risk investmen  we eventually decided upon, and that higher risk generally meant higher returns, and vice versa. It all meant that our plan would be tailor-made for us!

We revisit our plan annually with Simon – a meeting we look forward to – so that we can make any changes necessary or advised by Simon, and once again leave feeling comfortable. It always feels like we are visiting an old friend, and made very welcome. Simon explains everything simply, clearly (and often more than once!) so that we fully understand, in layman’s terms, what we have done.

Every communication we have with this company is clear, professional, and followed up promptly. We recommend Ludlow to anyone needing any financial advice.