Mr Sayle

Some 10 years ago, Sue and I were introduced to Steve Bayes just after the financial crisis. We were not comfortable with our current adviser and had seen our investments drop in value by approx 40%.

Steve was a calming influence and advised us to sit tight and be patient. When the value returned Steve advised on a mixture of an annuity and drawdown. He also rebalanced our portfolio in accordance with our joint risk profile.

Since then Steve has controlled my tendency to change strategy in line with short term market noise and has demonstrated the importance of remaining invested. The 6 monthly reviews bring peace of mind and allow us to keep our strategy on track. Our assets are now set up to meet our short, medium and long term goals.

Steve is always available on the telephone and if I am ever concerned by media reports he counsels me accordingly and assists us to decide on any necessary action. In almost all cases none is required but peace of mind returns.