This is why we do business

To say ‘life is for living’ is something of a cliché, but it really is at the root of why we do what we do for our clients. Most people would agree that life is short and important, so using your time wisely to
do the things that you want to do is critical.

We can identify with many of our clients’ goals and aspirations because after all, we have our own too. We don’t want to regret missed opportunities, or wish we had planned something differently. We want to live fulfilling lives which aren’t distracted by financial concerns.

At Ludlow we take pleasure in seeing our clients achieve successful outcomes from their financial planning, because we know it enables them to do what they want to do with their life.

Many clients tell us that they are not overly interested in the nuts and bolts which come together to make up their finances – they simply trust us to focus on their goals.

We work in partnership with people who share our values and we use our expertise, knowledge and experience to help those who value financial peace of mind.

Knowing we are making a difference to those who work with us and their families is truly satisfying. We’re helping them live their life.

About us

The Ludlow Wealth Management Group is a financial planning business in the North West of England, with a growing presence in Scotland, providing financial planning advice to clients who collectively entrust us with over £1 billion.

Founded in 1993, our business has grown to 60 staff and 5 regional offices, and professional partnerships with a select few organisations to ensure a dedicated and complete service offering.

We pride ourselves on our client focused approach to financial planning and strive to develop long term relationships with our clients. We appreciate that it takes time to develop trust and that is why we work closely with our clients to understand their needs, address any concerns, and develop appropriate, goals based solutions, which are personal and meaningful to each client.

We believe our role as financial planners can be described as that of a financial physician. We seek to ask, listen, diagnose and educate, combining the science of finance with the ability to empathise and guide.

We are directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.