Thank you so much for everything. I said to my husband on Saturday that you have changed our lives, and I really can’t thank you enough!

Angela Lane

My husband and I inherited the services of Ludlow following the death of his parents as they were existing clients.

We initially met Emma Thomas who guided us through the ‘minefield’ of investment options and decided to stay with Ludlow rather than looking for alternative options. It is comforting to have an annual review to check that our investments are on the right track for our retirement and we have so far been delighted with the progress that these have made.

We are currently looked after by Christopher Crichton-Rankin and are confident that he completely understands our needs taking into account our attitude to risk. Christopher has always been prompt to reply to any queries that we have had along the way and his support has been invaluable.

The customer service that has been provided by Emma and Christopher has been excellent and we would have no hesitation in recommending Ludlow to anyone looking for financial planning advice.

Mr & Mrs Uppard

“We have been with Ludlow and its predecessors for 20 years, and with our adviser Ian Corcoran for the last 10 years. Throughout that period Ian has provided us with exceptional investment advice in a thorough and professional manner, but always with a personal touch. We very much value the fact that we feel the advice has been in our best interests, including investments outside of the Ludlow portfolio, although my wife would probably disagree with the suggestion to ‘buy the Aston Martin’!”

Martin Parker

For many people, savings used to mean a deposit account at a bank or a building society. But, as we all know, interest rates are, at present, derisory. So what should we do? We were fortunate enough to be introduced to Ludlow by a close friend. We were given our own designated financial adviser who has helped us to invest our money wisely without all the worry of “Have we done the right thing?” David Rankin meets us regularly to update us on our portfolio and answers all our queries promptly and makes sure that we understand everything by explaining in simple terms without using jargon. We can honestly say that we have every confidence in him and would recommend anyone with funds to invest to contact Ludlow and talk to them. You would have nothing to lose and maybe a lot to gain.

Mrs Hollinghurst

Our relationship with Ludlow has always been a positive experience. Through a mixture of professionalism, approachability, friendliness, a high level of expertise and up to date knowledge, Jon (our allocated senior consultant) has, over a number of years, steered two nervous and inexperienced investors through the maze of options available, enabling us to identify to meet our financial objectives whilst minimising many of the concerns and doubts we previously experienced.

Mr and Mrs Power

I have worked with Terry Cosgrove at Ludlow now for over seven years. Terry takes the time to get to know your personal situation and importantly to assess your risk appetite and life goals. Terry is a trusted partner and with him, you are treated as an individual investor, as opposed to ‘one of many’ and this is borne out in the performance of the investments that he manages.

Stuart Quin

I feel that dealing with Ludlow takes a big weight off my mind. Any communication that I have with them is dealt with swiftly and efficiently. I trust them to do their best for me in an area that I have little expertise.

Mr Duxbury

We have been with Ludlow for over 10 years now and have been delighted with all aspects of the service they have provided.  They have always been very helpful, explaining detailed processes and giving excellent advice. My mother suffers from dementia and resides in a specialised care home.  Without Ludlow’s management of her capital her finances would have been in a poor state.

Mr Chignell

We have been clients of Ludlow for over 7 years and are currently looked after by Diane Lang. She has helped us with our long term planning so we are able to enjoy our retirement without worrying about the future.

We recently moved to Cambridge and we chose to stay with Ludlow rather than find a local service. Diane was more than happy to accommodate so she now travels to see us. We are very happy to recommend Ludlow.

Dr C Van Heyningen

Ludlow Wealth Management, and in particular Emma Thomas, do what it says on the tin: they manage wealth. They do this by understanding what your wants and needs are, combining this with a comprehensive knowledge of the complex world of investment products and aligning the two in an individual package, tailored to meet these goals.

Emma performs regular reviews of my portfolio along with my circumstances and needs, and with the support that the Ludlow team offers, continually research the markets and products available to offer me up to the minute advice. This is always followed up with a swift communication advising me in writing of any new recommendations or changes, always with a transparent note of any costs and fees.

I have encouraged my family to invest with Ludlow, and several friends have asked to be introduced to Emma and have all switched to the Ludlow service. In a nutshell, my money was earned through hard work, and I am comfortable that it is being managed with similar graft.

Mr D Brown, Chorley

I can honestly say, from my first contact on the phone, I felt I was the most important client to Ludlow. Ryan, my advisor, took the time to get to know me both on the call and in that first meeting. Ryan questioned me on what my priorities and aspirations were at that time and then prepared a report on how it was suggested I proceed to maximise the return within my risk profile. This was not rushed and my understanding of the options was verified. Again, I felt like I was the most important person to the business.

Every year since then I have had meetings with Ryan, initiated by him, to check everything is moving on as planned. In these meetings all sorts get discussed and I am always amazed at how much Ryan has remembered from the previous year. I have no hesitation to call Ryan with any queries, whether it was something as simple as a withdrawal of funds, or a recommendation for an acccountant to deal with my tax affairs.

I cannot recommend Ludlow highly enough, they made the confusing world of investments easy to understand and made me feel the most important client they have! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to my friends or family.

Belinda Singleton

I was recommended to Ludlow by a friend when I inherited money from my parents.  Whilst it wasn’t a fortune I wanted to ensure that it worked hard and really didn’t have a clue where to start. From the outset I felt comfortable and trusting in their approach.  They listened to what my aims were, both short and long term and then made suggestions accordingly, taking into account the level of risk I was prepared to take.

I have met with my advisor on an annual basis to review alll aspects of my portfolio and to ensure they are meeting my needs.  Fifteen years on my funds have grown considerably and I have just taken early retirement, but the quality of service remains and is probably even more important now to ensure I have a good standard living going forward. My daughter also had a small inheritance which is building nicely and will provide a deposit for her first house, and my husband has various investments.

Although I’m sure I’m nowhere near one of their wealthiest clients, the level of service and personal touch has always made me feel as though I was.  I would highly recommend my advisor Simon Howard because when you put all your trust in someone you need to have the confidence that they’re going to deliver. In conclusion, over the years they’ve looked after our money and so I would not hesitate to recommend Ludlow.

Mandy Kelly

We would always stay with Paul Witkiewicz he is the reason we are with Ludlow.

Walter Melling

Ludlow was recommended to my husband and I just after I retired three years ago.We had a lump sum to invest, and a level of pension to decide upon – but where to start?

We needn’t have worried! Ludlow’s representative, Simon took us through everything step-by-step. He got to know what sort of lifestyle we had, our commitments, and our future short, medium and long-term plans, discussing with us any contingency we needed to consider. He also took us through an exercise to determine what sort of risk-takers we were (discovering that my husband was a bit more cautious than me – no surprise)! He explained that it was to ensure that we were comfortable with the percentage of high or low risk investmen  we eventually decided upon, and that higher risk generally meant higher returns, and vice versa. It all meant that our plan would be tailor-made for us!

We revisit our plan annually with Simon – a meeting we look forward to – so that we can make any changes necessary or advised by Simon, and once again leave feeling comfortable. It always feels like we are visiting an old friend, and made very welcome. Simon explains everything simply, clearly (and often more than once!) so that we fully understand, in layman’s terms, what we have done.

Every communication we have with this company is clear, professional, and followed up promptly. We recommend Ludlow to anyone needing any financial advice.

Brenda Worthington

I have been with Ludlow now for over 5 years. The adviser appointed, Ian Corcoran, helped my wife and me to reduce to order a rather messy investment portfolio and subsequently to maintain it, through regular face-to-face meetings and correspondence, in line with our needs and aspirations. Ian gave valuable help over the formalities and practicalities arising from the death of my wife in 2014. Since my recent heart attack and bypass surgery, from which I am slowly recovering, I propose to obtain Ludlow’s advice and assistance regarding the best way of making financial provision for my family and me.

Graham Flack

I have been with Ludlow for over 5 years and I am so pleased I chose them to be my financial advisers, I am very happy and very satisfied with all the team I deal with, thank you Ludlow.

Miss P M Lennon

I have always been extremely happy with the service I have received. I am not particularly critical but feel that my money is safe. I find my financial advisor proactive, confident in the knowledge of his subject and easy to understand.  He has offered practical advice based on my changing situation and I trust his judgement.

Anne Fletcher

David Hardman and the Ludlow team have provided me with constant and good advice over many years. Their approach is very professional and businesslike but done in a way which is understandable and they are always contactable to discuss issues and ideas with. Trust is essential and their whole approach delivers on this important point.

Ian Grant

We have been Ludlow clients for a number of years and despite moving away from Lancashire to the Midlands it never entered our heads to change our advisor. Ian Corcoran has provided advice on a wide range of topics and has become our ‘go to’ source of information. The relaxed atmosphere of our meetings and the prompt follow ups from Ian give us a lot of confidence and we recommend the Ludlow service to all.

Gordon and Joan Herbert

Sarah Lees, my Ludlow advisor, is a very special and competent person who cares about me and my finances. She is a top class financial advisor and I’m very grateful to have her in my life.

Elaine Almond

I am writing to express my appreciation for highly professional financial service to my family by focusing on our goals in caring and efficient manner.

My accountant recommended David Hardman at Ludlow and at first, I was rather undecided even though my wife and myself were impressed with David’s professionalism and clarity. David is very approachable and always helpful – our finances have done really well under his guidance and all his forecasts have come true. I wholeheartedly support David and have no hesitance in recommending him as I have done to my children.”

Ashok Tanden, Preston

My wife and I have been meeting with Ian Corcoran for several years for financial and investment advice in the management of our assets and my pension fund. Ian is knowledgeable, polite and courteous and we have always been confident in the quality of his advice which is delivered in a professional manner.

Adrian Green

Some 10 years ago, Sue and I were introduced to Steve Bayes just after the financial crisis. We were not comfortable with our current adviser and had seen our investments drop in value by approx 40%.

Steve was a calming influence and advised us to sit tight and be patient. When the value returned Steve advised on a mixture of an annuity and drawdown. He also rebalanced our portfolio in accordance with our joint risk profile.

Since then Steve has controlled my tendency to change strategy in line with short term market noise and has demonstrated the importance of remaining invested. The 6 monthly reviews bring peace of mind and allow us to keep our strategy on track. Our assets are now set up to meet our short, medium and long term goals.

Steve is always available on the telephone and if I am ever concerned by media reports he counsels me accordingly and assists us to decide on any necessary action. In almost all cases none is required but peace of mind returns.

Mr Sayle, Blackburn

I have found the staff of Ludlow to be very knowledgeable and professional but at the same time very friendly and approachable. When one instructs new professional advisors it is most important that the client has utter confidence in the advice they are being given and that it is fully explained. I am pleased to say that we are happy to have Ludlow as our advisors.

Mr Clueit

We have been with Ludlow for over 12 years since our advisor Steve Bayes joined the Company. For several years we had been a client of Steve prior to this and were more than happy to ‘follow the man’.

During our involvement we have always found Steve to be:

  • Professional
  • Financially experienced
  • Honest

As a result we have become good friends and highly appreciate Steve’s advice and recommendations which are always simply explained and confirmed in a signed personal detailed portfolio. If we have any queries these are quickly answered by phone or text to eliminate concerns!

Consequently, thanks to Steve and the Ludlow team we have seen our investments grow to a substantial level such that we have recommended several friends to join the Ludlow team who appear to be similarly impressed.

Geoff & Sandra Clayton, Todmorden

Our family have been clients for some years now and we all agree that the team at Ludlow are both professional and efficient in all aspects of their work.

Ludlow has a unique edge which is that they take a genuine interest in customer objectives and only then carefully consider the correct solutions. Furthermore you can be certain that the plans offered are reviewed regularly.

Nothing is done in a pressured environment, so we feel very much at ease with in doing business with them. We are presented with clear and quality statements which are explained and easily understood, which takes away much of the jargon and unnecessary complexities for us.

Mr Shutt

We have been with Ludlow now for several years and after our previous financial advisors (a disaster) they are a breath of fresh air. Our personal advisor, Steve Bayes is pro-active with investments and our six monthly reviews keep us up to date as to where we are at. Three words to sum up our experience are, professional, friendly and helpful.

Mr Packer, West Yorkshire

I am extremely satisfied with the service and advice received from Ian Corcoran and Ludlow over the past seven years.  My investments have grown at an annual average rate in excess of 6%. Ian has provided a friendly and skilful service for which my wife and I are most grateful and we would have no hesitation in recommending Ludlow to others seeking sound financial advice.

Stephen Beilby

Thank you so, so much for your time. We really appreciate your review and full explanations; it’s probably a small account to you, but to us, it’s our life savings. Our previous advisor never did yearly reviews. We have dealt with tricky things in the last 18 months and are really happy to have you looking after our interests.

Lesley Turrell

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