A Ludlow Story – Ken Strolin

I have been using financial advisors for about 20 years both for business and personal matters. The first 10-12 years of this experience was very mixed, to say the least. Some of the advice was good, some not so good and some appalling. Also during this period, I seemed to get passed from one advisor to another without consultation or consideration.

Michael Bell-Smith, an advisor who I had been very pleased with, moved to Ludlow in 2009 and spoke very highly of the company. I did some extensive research and decided to appoint Ludlow as my Financial advisor in 2010. Having been with Ludlow since then, I have been rewarded with a level of service, commitment, integrity and courtesy which I had not encountered before. Every element of financial advice which I have received has been well considered and tailored exactly to the needs of myself and my family.

During this period, Ludlow has grown considerably but my contact with them and the service level they provide remains outstanding. I have never asked a question of them without a same day reply. For anyone in need of financial advice, large or small, I would strongly recommend they consider Ludlow. My thanks and congratulations to the whole team at Ludlow.

A Ludlow Story – Professor & Mrs Hodgkiss

We have been clients of David Hardman and Ludlow since 2012. When we first met David, we were impressed with the time he took to talk to us about our plans for the future and what was important to us and our family.  He asked us to think about each individual goal and what timescale we wanted to achieve this in. From these discussions, David was able to put together the right investment solution which are aligned to all of our goals and over specific time horizons. We meet with him every six months to discuss any changes in our circumstances and to review the plan and the portfolio. We find these meetings to be relaxed and not hurried, as well as being well-structured. Further, these meetings are well documented and the minutes are always sent to us for our own reference. We have always been very pleased with our outcomes.

One of our main concerns we had was reducing our tax liabilities and through David’s guidance we have been able to achieve this, in particular mitigating Inheritance Tax. David keeps us up to date with any legislative changes and we feel has our finances are secure and under excellent management. He has worked closely with our family solicitors, to ensure everything is joined up.

We find David and the team very professional and have every confidence that the relationship will continue for many years to come.

A Ludlow Story – Malcolm and Judith Thorpe, Lytham St. Annes

Both my wife and I wish to offer the recognition well and truly deserved to Oliver Brennand based in the Lytham branch of Ludlow. We were originally introduced to Oliver whilst he was working for a previous employer and had no hesitation whatsoever in seeking his exceptional services by following him to his new appointment with Ludlow.

The reason we felt we required the services of a Financial Advisor was that both myself and my wife were approaching retirement and had no idea whatsoever how to deal with the various complex decisions to be  made with regard to the financial implications of our retirements.

From Oliver’s initial visit to our home there was not only a feeling of warmth from him but also a feeling of safety and security and felt more than happy to rely upon him to provide the invaluable advice and assistance required. Unfortunately, we were totally ignorant as to which procedures were required and Oliver took complete control of our finances, dealt with the various institutions, obtained all relevant paperwork and secured our signatures to implement his superb advice. For several years now Oliver has protected our interests financially and we would not even like to think of a life now without his backing and advice. His skill and knowledge have enabled us to enjoy a good standard of living in our retirement for which we can only thank Oliver.

On a more personal note Oliver presents to myself and my wife as the human face of what is, to us, the very dry subject of finance. He has proven an incredibly capable and efficient advisor who keeps us well informed at every step and attends to any enquiries made without delay. For someone like myself and my wife who find the whole subject of finance most uninteresting and quite ignorant clients’ in the world of finance Oliver shows the patience of a Saint with us and explains all procedures, documentation etc. so clearly and professionally to us.

We cannot speak too highly of Oliver Brennand who is a real asset to Ludlow who should feel most fortunate to employ him in his role as a Senior Consultant and visits to Oliver’s offices for the half-yearly meetings are in no way boring or uninteresting and his sense of humour and great personality makes such meetings an enjoyable experience, which I would never have thought possible in the world of finance. To visit Oliver is like visiting a friend and both myself and my wife cannot speak too highly of him and have the utmost confidence in his advice and decisions.

In closing, our final comments are “a lovely and trustworthy friend and advisor”

A Ludlow Story – Robert & Jane Hurst

We have been clients of David Hardman and Ludlow Wealth Management since February 2003. We were introduced by Rob’s parent’s who were already very satisfied clients of David and the company.

At that time when we first met we were running the family haulage business but lacked a plan around both our personal financial planning and what happens “if one of the directors or key individuals died or suffered a serious illness” This was a question we had asked ourselves many times but hadn’t done anything about because of the being so busy with the day to day running of the business.

At our first meeting David sat down with us and we embarked on a thorough review of the company strategy and our personal finances, he took the time to listen to our worries, concerns and we talked through our short, medium and long term goals for us, our family and the business. From this initial discussion, we started to understand what we needed to do to stay on track and achieve not only our goals and objectives but also the continued growth and success of the company.

David has worked very closely with our accountants and family solicitors which means everyone is clear on the big picture now. He is also working with the third generation of the family giving us peace of mind for the future.

David and the team at Ludlow are always happy to listen and help; they are professional and we feel they are our friends as well as our trusted advisers. We have always been very happy with advice we have been given and the results of the plan. We are always happy to recommend Ludlow.

A Ludlow Story – Chris Davey

I wish to summarise my thoughts on the relationship I have enjoyed with Ludlow over the previous few years.

Following my decision to access a lump sum from my pension scheme, I made enquiries to determine who to use for financial advice and to invest my “pot”.  Ludlow was personally recommended to me through a long-standing acquaintance and I met with you in the summer of 2014.  You established my appetite for risk using a very clear set of financial models then discussed options based on future plans/needs.  I am numerate but with no previous experience of investing so throughout this exercise, you ensured that I was very clear about any decisions made.  We agreed on an investment strategy and set up an account with Aviva in September 2014.

Each anniversary of the investment we meet to review progress and you always check that my risk appetite and planning assumptions have not materially altered.  At the most recent of these meetings, we discussed amendments in the investment strategy to take account of changes in the world of global finance.  This was, yet again, described with clarity – enabling me to make appropriate changes to the investment.  In addition, you have offered advice on the potential for me to increase my investment on more than one occasion.

Am I satisfied with your service and the performance of the investment? Suffice it to say that not only have I enjoyed nearly 3 years of outstanding personal service from Ludlow but that the investment has increased by around 20% since September 2014 (after all charges have been deducted).  This speaks volumes in my judgment.  To summarise, I would have no hesitation in recommending Ludlow to others in a similar position to me.

A Ludlow Story – Les & Marie Pickles

We have been clients of David Hardman and Ludlow since August 2012. At those first few meetings, David took the time to get to know us and our family really well.

We established a good relationship and he quickly understood how important it was for us to be able to help our family, maintain our level of income and enjoy our lifestyle, in particular, our holidays. He also spent time understanding our attitude towards risk.

We then focused on each personal and financial goal, he built our plan using “the 6 box “ approach which meant we were able to visually see each goal and the time frame we are working towards.

A high priority for us was to mitigate tax, in particular, reducing inheritance and income tax.  David has helped to achieve this by working with both our Accountant and Solicitor and providing us with an appropriate tax strategy.

We review the plan every six months where we talk about any changes and review of the portfolio. We have been very happy with Ludlow and David has always delivered excellent results.

We highly recommend David and the Ludlow team.

A Ludlow Story – Tom and Daphne Nash

Daphne and I would like to thank you personally for assisting and guiding us over the past years to prepare us for my retirement.

We set out by discussing together our objectives for the future and our current savings held in various accounts. Your advice to consolidate these and assistance with the changing circumstances that we were facing at the time, regarding the protection of our investments for the future, as well as ensuring that we had the right pension fund was invaluable.

You took your time in guiding us through the various options available. We discussed objectives and goals possible at retirement age, savings for our grandchildren, minimising risks, and with your expertise and knowledge of the markets, you advised us, and showed us the best course of action to take at this stage in our lives.

We chose Ludlow to assist us in these matters, as I had background knowledge of them in this field, and was delighted to be introduced to you to take on our account details, and for you to guide us through the complexities of investments and pension funds to maximise our investments.

We cannot thank you enough and look forward to working with you, as I now start my retirement with confidence – knowing that you are there to assist us in the future.

A Ludlow Story – David Brown

My relationship with Ludlow began in 2008, throughout this time I have been looked after by Jon Whitmarsh.

My work as a leadership consultant had taken me all over the world and since 2008 my business has grown and I have constantly worked.

During my meetings with Jon I talked about my business and personal goals. My ambition was to be able to work fewer days but have income sufficient to meet my outgoings, whilst still enjoying, and maintaining my lifestyle. I was also keen to ensure enough income in retirement in order to continue that lifestyle.

Jon has helped me to create a clear plan and strategy, to grow my portfolio, he understands my risk profile, and that minimising tax is a priority. Working with Jon has given me peace of mind and I believe, through this plan I will be able to achieve my personal and financial goals.

At our review meetings, we look at the portfolio performance, any changes in circumstances and any thoughts on the strategy and plan. Through this, I always feel in control of the decisions, safe in the knowledge and guidance of Jon. Recently as a result of a new lifestyle choice, a change in investment strategy was required and this, because of Ludlow, was an easy, worry free process.

Jon documents everything so it is always easy to look back at the decisions made and the reasons for them.

I have an unquestionable trust in Jon and the team at Ludlow because of their credibility, reliability and because they are always by my side, and are always readily available. So much so, I would consider Jon not only a trusted advisor but a friend.

A Ludlow Story – John Rogerson

My first involvement with Ludlow was through my legal representatives DRN Law, Burnley who had created a partnership with Ludlow to provide Financial Services on behalf of their clients. My father had died in 2010 and I was anxious to make the most of his bequests to myself, my daughter and my grandchildren. I was particularly worried about creating a trust for the grandchildren as there seemed to be little or no ready advice and guidance out there in the real world.
My first meeting with Ludlow was with Steven Bayes at DRN’s offices in Burnley and I think we very quickly struck up a workable relationship. We concentrated firstly on the £100,000 trust legacy for the children and Steve eventually recommended an offshore investment bond; this being a self -maintaining investment fund via multi-manager portfolios. This would be a non-income producing vehicle for HMRC purposes and would roll on until each child reached the age of 25 years.

This was subsequently set up and has so far produced a very satisfactory situation where we are now seeing a yield of 50% on the initial investment as at the end of 2016.

Early in 2013, we turned our attention to the investments I had made on behalf of myself and my wife resulting from my father’s legacy. After several discussions with Steve during which his objectives were to understand more about our objectives and goals and our attitude to the risk involved in investing our money. These sessions enabled him to recommend a strategy which would be more cost effective to us in terms of fund management charges and so I was happy to agree that we transfer the servicing of our portfolio to DRN/Ludlow and to switch our fund of funds investments to a better manager of managers fund. I also agreed to transfer other of our stocks and shares ISAs onto the new platform in order to realise further benefits from reduced platform charges.

Throughout all these discussions tax efficiency was a priority and as we currently stand all of our long-term investments are residing under an ISA umbrella and I am very happy with the performance of my chosen funds as I am more than happy with the advice and guidance given by DRN/Ludlow.

Steve and I meet formally at least twice a year to monitor performance of both the trust and our personal portfolios and discuss any changes in circumstances and investment strategy. Such meetings are held at a venue convenient to me and are fully minuted and made available to me. Long may it continue.

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